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OLSOFT Software Development Company

At OLSOFT, we believe that creating easy-to-use and powerful software requires more than a “code it fast and shove it out the door” approach. That means we take the time to understand what users really want from their software, whether that software is an all-in-one, ready-to-use solution like AnalyzerXL or a new custom application designed from the ground up to meet a unique need. Our approach means that you always get intuitive interfaces and controls that make even the most powerful software simple to use and manage. And we provide service over the entire software life cycle – from identifying your initial goals and creating prototypes to providing long-term administration and support.

Industry Standard Technologies. Software Built to a Higher Standard

Being a Gold Independent Software Vendor Partner with Microsoft OLSOFT extensively uses Microsoft products and technologies. We have significant experience in developing our own products including desktop applications, web applications, and web services from the ground up using .NET technologies, so we’re able to give our customers all the benefits that this widely used platform has to offer. You can learn more about supported technologies here.

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To take advantage of software developed with you in mind or to put us to work building your own custom application, please visit Our Projects page or contact us today.

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November 14, 2012
Tashkent, OLSOFT in cooperation with Business Logic 2.0 (Russia), Metasonic AG (Germany)...