Since 2001, AnalyzerXL has given investors and professional analysts worldwide the predictive power and data management they need to make informed decisions and conquer the markets. For a fraction of the cost of other leading trading software packages, financial sector professionals everywhere can analyze the markets with features like these:

  • A library of 165 technical analysis functions and indicators
  • Investment portfolio tracking
  • Tight Microsoft Excel integration
  • End-of-day and real-time data downloads for stocks, indexes, mutual funds, options, and futures
  • Neural network-based stock market prediction
  • Easy custom trading system creation using VBA
  • Personalized market indicators
  • Strategy backtesting
  • Options chain downloads
  • Easy macro creation and management
  • Custom function and trading system creation with AnalyzerXL Wizard
  • Top-ranked analysis software (enter  “technical analysis in Microsoft Excel” into Google to see for yourself) at a low cost


AnalyzerXL – Top-Ranked Investment Analysis Tools

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