Mobile Assistant is unique application for mobile carriers and their subscribers.

Today, about 82% of people on earth have mobile phones and most of them don’t have any idea of the whole range of services provided by their mobile carriers. Mobile Assistant is designed to solve this problem. Now, people don’t have to remember all these USSD and SMS codes and numbers to manage the services. Touch screen interfaces so widespread nowadays allow checking balance, changing plans, enabling a service, reading carrier’s news, etc. in a tap or two.


Mobile Assistant’s Bright and convenient interface makes it highly user-friendly. It should be mentioned that even a user with little knowledge of modern technologies can easily use the app.

The most important thing is that introduction of such an app is of benefit both for subscribers and mobile carriers. Firstly, carriers can optimize costs of call-centers; secondly, more efficiently use call-center employers due to reduction of phone calls as all the basic information is specified in the app; thirdly, increase number of people due to improving awareness and accessibility of the services. Also, subscribers can take part in special offers in a single tap.

Mobile Assistant is available for the following popular mobile platforms:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone 7
  • J2ME
  • Samsung Bada
  • QT (Symbian smartphones)

Mobile Assistant

Mobile Assistant – be Mobile, be Assisted!

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