OLSOFT joined Bura Group

BURA group – is one of the leading international engineering corporations. The main area of BURA’s Group operations is engineering services, such as objects of telecommunication, connections of constructions and lines, data exchange centers, energetics objects, industrial automation, fire control systems, video surveillance, etc.   

Nowadays BURA group consists of 4 legal entities: LTD PF NRG (Almaty, Kazakhstan), LTD BET Systems (Almaty, Kazakhstan), LTD AC LAN (Almaty, Kazakhstan), OLSOFT (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) with enterprise of OLSOFT in Moscow, Russia. BURA Group – is a group of confederate companies, with a great experience in construction and exploitation of complex engineering and technical objects and systems. 

OLSOFT is very glad to announce that company became a part of BURA Group and now can easily operate in Kazakhstan.