Password Saver collects your passwords, credit card numbers, and other personal data and stores them in a single secure database on your hard disk. Whether you’re an individual with a few passwords or a corporation with thousands, Password Saver puts your sensitive information at your fingertips and guards it against unauthorized use.

Data safety features:

  • Cutting edge encryption using the Microsoft Windows CryptoAPI and 256-bit AES/Rijndael encryption to keep your private data safe
  • Random password generator to create strong passwords
  • Full source code availability for corporate users

Ease-of-use features

  • Quick-start templates for common data like Web site and email account information
  • Custom templates to hold any kind of information
  • A familiar interface that makes storing and retrieving personal data simple

On the go features


  • Easy data import and export so you can securely share passwords and other important information with coworkers and partners
  • A single data file that you can take along with you on a USB drive, a Zip disk, or any portable storage device
  • A new PocketPC version suitable for network administrators and anyone else who needs a portable, yet protected, private information storage system

Password Saver

Password Saver – A Bank Vault for Your Passwords and Other Sensitive Information

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