Programmers around the world turn to Visual Basic when they want rapid application development. Now developers can create robust VB and VBA code even more quickly and easily with OLSOFT’s Smart VBA and Smart VB6. Smart VBA and Smart VB6 helps you create better code faster.

SmartVBA/Smart VB6 features:

  • Project Explorer makes it simple to manage your methods, properties, events, and variables
  • Procedure/Property Builder helps you build methods and properties in a quick, standard way
  • Code Formatter keeps your code readable and easy to modify and understand
  • Code Snippets Libs mean you’ll never have to reinvent the wheel, and they speed application development with reusable code
  • Collection Builder/ Enum Builder makes building and managing collection classes and enumerations easy
  • Error Handler Builder makes error handling less error-prone
  • Statements Builder allows you to insert frequently used VB statements into procedures and modules


SmartVBA/Smart VB6 – Visual Basic Made Smarter – and Easier

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